Building Grit

January 18, 2018

Static Site CMS is now Grit. I wanted to give it a name because I want to keep writing about building this thing and Static Site CMS is a shitty name.

Grit will be a Markdown editor for managing blog posts for your static site. There is nothing to see yet, I am still working on the MVP.

I’ll be writing a series of posts about the process of building Grit. The titles of these blog posts will be prefixed with “Building Grit:“.

I am using Electron, Web Components, a bunch of packages by Sindre Sorhus and a Router called Navigo to build Grit. I am constantly learning new things and I am looking forward to sharing them here.

Why Grit?

It has two meanings.

  1. dirt
  2. determination despite difficulty

Namely the second meaning is very fitting since it takes real grit to keep a blog going. Using Grit is supposed to remove some of the friction that comes with blogging on a static site, which should help you having the grit to keep going.

But to be quite honest “dirt” is fitting as well since this software will be quite rough around the edges for a while lol.

Gritty Road

The road ahead for Grit is simple. I am in the process of building a simple MVP with an extremely limited feature set and we go from there.

Let me know if you’re interested in trying it out! ✌️