Just One Link

February 16, 2018

Many designers and developers are taking the time, in various forms, to curate link-list-newsletters.

They contain 5-ish links in fat type with a low-contrast small-type link description below each link.

Over time I have subscribed to many of those and although I appreciate the work that people put into them, they have lost their value to me.

It’s their sameness. I also don’t know why the author has chosen those links. Did they actually read the content? Why do they think it is important?

I don’t even know which is which anymore. I just see a link list, maybe read a couple link titles and am back to whatever I was doing.

There is nothing that keeps me in the mail and it has become work to figure out which link could be interesting for me to check out.

This is what I would like to see instead:

Send an email with just one link. Write a paragraph about why you are sending out this link. Why does it excite/interest/enrage you?

Let me read your voice.

I’d be thrilled to receive your newsletter and read it every time.