New Job, Who Dis?

April 11, 2018

Last month I started working at LogMeIn as a Staff Software Engineer. My team is working on the web version of GoToMeeting. We are migrating legacy code to a new, modern tech stack, while improving the product as well as working on features.

The new tech stack consists of TypeScript, React, Redux & redux-observable.

Coming from Angular, not being super-fond of the complexity of the framework, I was expecting to enter the lands of simplicity with React and Redux. Little did I know what was about to transpire right into my face!

Using React with the canoncial way of using Redux is so far off straight-forward, you get dizzy just thinking about it. I honestly felt reminded of Angular’s abstraction hell.

I always felt that the concept of Redux actually fits much better into a Reactive Programming paradigm. That’s why I built flow-state and never reached for the original Redux.

Reactive Programming allows you to granularly manage how, when and under which conditions the new state should reach the components. This means you can just set the framework to re-render whenever new state reaches, no other checks necessary.

But I digress, so, new job. So far so good. Lots to learn. I like the team and I do like working with React etc. We’ll see where this leads to.