On Dropping Side Projects

November 13, 2018

I stopped working on my code-related side projects grit, belly and flow-state. I have a family and we recently moved. So most of my free time is spent working on the flat or spending time with the family.

There are a few side proj<ects I am not abandoning though.

  • I will continue to co-organize KarlsruheJS
  • Even though the podcast is on a break right now, we will continue with Reactive Podcast soon
  • I will continue to work on musical projects every now and then
  • I will continue to write on this blog

Writing regularly is somewhat of a new habit for me. I always thought it was not for me, but I did feel an urge to write that became bigger over the years. Now I’m just acting on it.

A big reason why I feel OK dropping my code related side projects is the fact that I feel quite happy and challenged at work. I don’t have to feed my desire to learn and grow with my side projects at the moment.

That’s a pretty new and awesome feeling 😀.