Flip the Switch

November 16, 2018

Reactive Programming is a paradigm that solves a lot of problems that many JavaScript frameworks partly implement by introducing some sort of “reactivity”.

That typically ties the reactivity down to one use case in the framework itself. Reactive Programming can be helpful in many more scenarios though.

One huge hurdle for adoption seems to be to grasp the actual concepts. Specifically doing push-based programming instead of pull-based.

I can relate because it did take me quite some time to get there but once the switch was flipped, so to speak, I started to think in terms of Reactive Programming instantly.

That seems to be exactly the problem, it’s not a hard concept to understand. It just takes a lot of effort to start thinking about your programming problems differently.

I am currently putting together a talk that is trying to flip that switch. I have a few ideas based on things I wished I knew in the beginning.

Basically it will focus on making you understand three things about RxJS Observables:

  • Observables are just functions receiving an observer
  • Observables are lazy
  • Observables are ubiquitous

This could work 🤔… maybe?