Nested Loops on the JS Party Podcast

November 16, 2018

Jan and I had the distinct honor to guest on the JS Party podcast last week to talk about Nested Loops. First of all it was a really great experience to be a guest on there. The Changelog family of podcasts are very professionally run and it was a great pleasure to be on. @noopkat, @jerodsanto and @adamstac made us feel very welcome and comfortable.

We talked about how Nested Loops was founded and immediately had band problems. Why I am rapping with a Jamaican accent. What @bonotes role is. How the tech works and evolved on the music, video and effects sides. I think it came out great and you should definitely give it a listen.

Get it by looking for JS Party in your favorite podcast app or listen right now, right here:

JS Party 52: Nest ‘dem loops – Listen on