The Ultimate Recipe to Attract an Audience on the Internet

March 1, 2019

My awesome co-worker Emma Wedekind wrote this post about how she got 27K followers on Twitter.

It’s a great post with lots of good advice to grow high quality followers.

I was able to watch the whole ride and it was quite something. There is one thing I noticed about how she used Twitter that I think had significant influence in why she blew up.

She editorializes her Twitter account. She deliberately tweets content that might be valuable to the developer community. And she responds to tweets a lot.

She also keeps a very friendly, welcoming and helpful tone.

Be kind and provide value frequently and consistently over long stretches of time is basically the ultimate recipe for attracting and growing an audience on the internet. We’ve all seen this work many times.

It has happened many times over on YouTube, Twitter and of course many blogs.

The thing is, the hardest part is not to come up with the topics or to do the writing itself. The hardest part is to keep it going in a specific rhythm over long stretches of time.

It takes a lot of discipline to keep that up, it’s hard work. But if you can do it, it will pay off.

My hat goes off to Emma for doing it.

If you want an audience too, follow the ultimate recipe and you most likely will not blow up like Emma did, but you will for sure attract an audience that cares about what you have to say.